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Plumbing and Tenants

Plumbing and Tenants

Being a property owner can be stressful, especially when it comes to having repairs done. When renting out a property it is imperative to review with your tenants how to keep the plumbing in good working order. Here are a few items that may be helpful as a property owner to cover with your tenants:

  • Do not flush anything but toilet paper and human waste down the toilets.
    • Reinforce that all other items should be properly disposed of in the garbage can.
  • When showering ensure that the shower doors or shower curtain are closed all the way and that the water is remaining inside the tub/shower stall.
  • When cooking, remember to always run cold water before dumping boiling water down the drain. The drain is not meant to withstand high temperatures.
  • Do not put grease or oil down the drain. Dispose of cooled grease and oil in the garbage can.
  • If there is a garbage disposal – only put food scraps in the disposal that can be chewed by a human. Do not put metal, bone, garbage, etc. in the disposal.
  • When the disposal is on, always run with cool water on the same side of the sink. Never run the disposal without running water into it.
  • When the weather gets colder remind them to drain their hoses and disconnect from the spigot.
  • Most importantly have them notify you immediately if they see a leak or find excess water in the house or are having a drain issue.

As a property owner each year a water heater tune-up and sump pump inspection should be scheduled. Remember, your property is valuable to you. Scheduling tune-ups and ensuring you coach your tenants on the proper way to handle the plumbing will keep your repairs to a minimum. If you are not sure if there may be an issue, call the experts at Restore Plumbing and Drain to help steer you in the right direction!

A well taken care of plumbing system is a healthier plumbing system!

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