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Thank a Plumber

Thank a Plumber

How many times have you gotten up to get a drink of water, turned the shower on or hooked up the hose to water your lawn and say ‘Thank goodness for running water’? Probably almost never. In this day and age we take for granted that we have running water, not only running water, but pretty clean running water!

It took thousands of years to develop our current plumbing systems. Here are a few highlights of how our plumbing came to be;

312BC – The Romans built aqueducts to carry water to the city.

1596 – Queen Elizabeth has the first flushing toilet installed.

1652 – Boston MA creates the USA’s first city waterworks (mainly out of hollowed trees) for the fire brigade.

1775 – Alexander Cummings receives patent for the first flushing toilet.

1804 – Cast Iron pipes were used to create the water delivery system in Philadelphia PA.

1855 – Chicago IL becomes the first city to create a comprehensive sewer system.

1868 – It is discovered that contaminated water leads to health disease. Thus calling for better sanitation.

1869 – Chicago IL installs first water tower.

1870 – Water heaters are starting to be installed in homes.

In the 1900’s more advancements were made, such as: better functioning equipment, sanitization improvements, better products for pipe and sewer installs and so on. The plumbing systems are always being worked on to improve the efficiency and quality of the water brought to our homes. So in the middle of the night when you use the bathroom, be thankful that you don’t have to trudge to an outhouse and can even wash your hands with warm water!

Plumbers protect the health of the nation!

So remember to thank a plumber! They get dirty to help keep the water flowing and clean!

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