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Water Treatment Systems

Love Your Water

Have you ever noticed lime scale or buildup on your faucets or shower heads?  Do you have sinks or toilet bowls that are discoloring? When drinking water from your tap do you notice it has a metallic taste or weird odor? All of these things and more are caused by contaminates in our water. Water treatment plants work hard to remove as many contaminates as possible, unfortunately not all of them can be removed.

Water Treatment

Municipal tap water also contains chlorine to disinfect the water and protect it during travel underground from the water tower to your home. Did you know that the majority of tap water has about the same amount of chlorine as the average swimming pool? Would you want to drink water constantly from a swimming pool?

Some contaminates that are in our water are natural, like minerals. Other contaminates are from pollution by chemicals. Then there are the possible parasites, bacteria, viruses caused by micro-organisms. All of these contaminates can find their way into our water one way or another.

There are solutions to improving the quality of water that you use in your home. Depending on what is in your water will depend on what is recommended on improving your water quality. The first step is to call your plumber and have them test your water. Some will take a sample of your water and send it in for extensive testing as well. It all depends on the plumbers’ preference of water testing. Once the water is tested you are able to find out what system will work the best for your home and personal needs.

Here are some options of what water treatment systems are available and what they can do for you:

Water Softeners

This unit will soften your water by removing the minerals that cause hard water. In turn you will have less scale build up in your pipes and appliances. Soap and detergents will work better to clean your home, dishes and laundry. Your skin and hair will be cleaner, softer and smoother. The benefits of having soft water will end up saving you money by keeping you and your house healthier as well as not destroying your appliances that use water (refrigerator, coffee pot, washing machine, dishwasher, ect).

RO System / Reverse Osmosis System

This is a small system that will mount under your sink to give you clean drinking water. This system will trap all the impurities in the water and hold them in a specialized filter, leaving you with pure clean water to drink. The impurities are then flushed from the system down the drain. Over time this system will save you money from purchasing water disposable water bottles which can end up in our landfill.

Whole House Filter

This is a unit that will filter all of the water coming into your house to remove contaminates through a type of filter. There are different set ups and filters available depending on what type of water you receive to your home, as well as the issues you have with your water. This system will give you better water to clean, bathe and consume. This system gives you filtered water from every water source, longer life of water consuming appliances, softer skin and hair. These systems can also be combine with the water softener to ensure you have the best water possible.

These systems are amazing in what they will actually do for your home and health. Call us today so we can help you find what water treatment system is best for you, the full list of benefits and be on the way to a healthier home!

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