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Bathroom Plumbing Services

Bathroom Plumbing

Restore Plumbing and Drain knows that your bathroom can be more than just a place to get ready for the day. If can be your oasis from a rough day, a place to take a nice hot bath and relax for a bit. Sometimes our lives get so busy we don’t realize how outdated they have become. Or worse, what if something breaks?! The great news is the professionals at Restore Plumbing and Drain can help you out with all your bathroom plumbing needs.

  • Backing up drains
  • Valve or cartridge repair and replacement
  • Repair or Replacement of fixtures
  • Updated bathtub and surrounds
  • Updated plumbing

Backing up drains

From a backing up sink or tub drain to a toilet being clogged, Restore Plumbing and Drain has the equipment and knowledge needed to correct the issue at hand.

Valve/Cartridge Repair and Replacement

When there is minimal hot water coming through your faucets, but the water heater is working great, there may be an issue with the valve or cartridge. It can be as simple as adjusting the temperature in the valve or as extensive as replacing the entire valve. Regardless, our knowledgeable plumbers will discuss the options to fix the issue and get you that hot water you covet!

Repair or Replacement of fixtures

Have a toilet that is not flushing correctly or is it just time to update the look. Either way Restore Plumbing and Drain can help you out. From a repair to ensure the fixture is flushing correctly to picking out your new comfort height toilet, we ensure you will be happy with the work completed.

Update Bathtub and Surrounds

Restore Plumbing and Drain can help you with quick make-overs on your bathroom. Need a quick turn on installing a new bathtub and don’t have time to wait for a tile surround? No problem! We will work with you to ensure you have the right bathtub picked out and spend time making sure you are happy with the surround enclosure of your choice.Restore Plumbing and Drain can remove existing bathtubs and install the new tub and surround in one day. That way you are still able to shower and get on with your day!

Update Plumbing

Need some plumbing updated in your bathroom? Restore Plumbing and Drain has you covered! We will help you move drains and water lines to fix a new vanity, install faucets and fixtures. If you are remodeling your entire bathroom we can move all water and sewer to the new locations. If water runs through it – Restore Plumbing and Drain can do it!


Kitchen Plumbing Services

Kitchen Plumbing

Restore Plumbing and Drain has the plumbing professionals to help you with all your kitchen plumbing needs. Faucet installations or repairs, garbage disposals, under the sink plumbing, water lines, point of use water treatment, drain clogs or helping out with kitchen remodels – we have you covered!

Garbage Disposals

Whether you are looking to add one to your home or need yours replaced, we can help! Restore Plumbing and Drain does not believe in one size fits all equipment. Why put in a massive garbage disposal if it will only receive minimal usage? Our professionals will help get the correctly sized equipment for your needs.


If your faucet is leaking or you just want an updated look, Restore Plumbing and Drain will be right there to help you. Many faucets are able to be repaired with standard parts that we stock on our trucks. A new faucet can change the look of the kitchen! If you want a quick change or are in need of a new faucet, our professionals can guide you through the brands and help you find what you are looking for.

Drains and Water Lines

The drains under the kitchen sink receive an enormous amount of work. These are usually the first drains in the house to wear out. Proper installation of the kitchen drains and waters lines are key to keeping your plumbing system working well. Installing new countertops and/or a new sink will also mean that your plumbing needs to be adjusted for the new fit. From a new sink installation to moving the plumbing systems to a new location for a remodel, the experts at Restore Plumbing and Drain can help you with all your needs!

Point of Use Water Treatment

Looking to have great drinking and cooking water, but do not want to install a whole home unit? Our Water Treatment professionals have a solution for you! There are many point of use water treatment systems available, like RO Systems and Carbon Filters. We will help you find the unit that is right for you as well as sized according to your usage.There are many features of your kitchen. Although your plumbing may not always been seen, it definitely enhances the beauty of your kitchen when it is installed and maintained properly. Call Restore Plumbing and Drain today with all your kitchen plumbing needs

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