The colder weather is upon us, so make sure to take the correct steps to protect your plumbing! Any plumbing that is exposed to freezing temperatures needs to be protected. All hose faucets should have the hoses disconnected and drained down. If you notice that when you remove the hose and the faucet is still dripping, call us! That means you have a leak and if that freezes it can damage pipes inside your home causing more than just a hose faucet to be replaced. If you have a slop sink or hose faucet in your garage, do the same thing. Turn the water off at the shut off valves and open up the faucet to remove any remaining water and ensure that your hose faucet is turned off and drained down. Even if you have a heated garage, opening the doors for a set amount of time can cause damage!

Restore Plumbing and Drain is here to help!

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