Sump Pumps, The Water Warriors

Sump Pumps. The water warriors of the underground. Much like water heaters in the previous blog, these guys are taken for granted as well. That is until winter de-thaws or spring rains come. Then we rush to the basement or crawl space to ensure the pumps are kicking on and all is well. The key to keeping sump pumps working as long as possible is to know what is going on with them.

Some yearly maintenance by your trusted plumber is always a good place to start. Always get a sump pump check-up by a professional. A standard check up by a plumber should include the following:

  • Inspection of sump pump and float for corrosion or wear
  • Removal of rocks and large debris from sump pit bottom
  • Test AMP draw of pump
    • Ensure it is working within manufacturer specifications
  • Inspect discharge piping and check valve

Battery Backup Pumps

  • Check floats and pump for corrosion or wear
  • Inspect and test battery and system function
  • Whole home plumbing check

Being a home dweller, a few things that you can do to ensure that your pump keeps working throughout the year.

  • Make sure the discharge line is not frozen during the winter. Disconnect it when the pump is not running. A frozen pipe will cause the pump to run continuously and burn the motor.
  • Keep the pit clear of foreign objects. Anything that the pump sucks up will most likely get stuck. These machines are for removing water, not debris.

Help keep your basement or crawl space dry by having your sump pump check-up done by a professional. That way you can rest assure when the snow melts and spring rain comes, your sump pump can do the job that it was built to do! So give us a call today to get your sump pump check-up scheduled today!

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