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Drains and sewers are often an overlooked item in the house until an issue arises. Restore Plumbing and Drain will get you back in service and on track in no time. From garbage disposals to drain cleanings to sewer hydro-jetting to repairs to drain and sewer maintenance, Restore Plumbing and Drain has you covered. Our knowledgeable plumbers know what your drains and sewers require to stay working correctly and will gladly help you learn what needs to be done!

Drain Cleaning

Nothing can ruin your day faster than a drain backing up. Restore Plumbing and Drain offers full service drain cleaning. We stock multiple pieces of equipment on each truck so we can correct your drain issues quickly and efficiently. We also offer high definition video inspection and drain locating services.

Restore Plumbing and Drain will help resolve the following issues

  • Main Sewer backup
  • Floor drain backup
  • Washing Machine backup
  • Kitchen Sink backup
  • Bathroom Drain backup
  • Bathtub Drain backup
  • Shower Drain backup
  • Laundry drain
  • Sump Pump drain
  • Toilet backup or overflowing

If you don’t see it on this list, give us a call. Most likely we can do it!

Video Camera Inspection

Restore Plumbing and Drain we do our best to help you see what is going on. With a High Definition Video Camera and Locator we can help you see inside the pipes to determine what may be causing your drain issue. This also helps our professionals determine the best way to resolve it!Give Restore Plumbing and Drain a call to schedule one of our professionals to come out and help you!


Sometimes mechanical drain cleaning is just not enough to get those drains working properly. Restore Plumbing and Drain offers High Pressure Water Jetting to remove large debris, heavy roots, grease, soap scum and more from your home or business drains. Professional Hydrojetting will clean the entire pipe and restore it to as close to new condition as possible. Hydrojetting also allows us to clean extremely long sewer lines that a typical mechanical drain cleaning machine does not have the capability or power to reach. In a lot of cases proper hydrojetting will remove clogs that regular mechanical machines cannot, often saving you from having to dig up or excavate to repair the issue.

Sewer Repairs

When your sewer is broken you are in need of having it fixed as quick as possible. Our experts have the knowledge and tools to be able to take care of this as quickly and efficiently as possible. With the High Definition Video Camera and Locator, we are able to give you an accurate cost of repair on the spot and keep any possible excavation as minimally invasive as possible. Sewer repairs are never fun, but definitely a necessity. Restore Plumbing and Drain will help you through the process!Another alternative to traditional excavation for sewer repairs is trenchless repair or pipe lining. These are a great alternative to excavating as your property will remain intact; however the pipes have to be within certain conditions to have this completed. Call our experts today to schedule your appointment to review your options!


Much like maintence on a vehicle, your drains and sewers need maintence as well. From the kitchen drains to help with grease and food build up to your mainline sewer and keeping roots at bay; Restore Plumbing and Drain has you covered. Upon our initial visit we can help make recommendations based on your needs. We will even contact you ahead of time so there is no need for you to remember to schedule follow up visits!

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